About AMR Air Ambulance


The AMR Air Ambulance Difference

AMR Air Ambulance is a healthcare company consisting of experienced, credentialed medical and aviation professionals. Founded in 2002, AMR Air Ambulance is a subsidiary of American Medical Response, Inc., the nation’s largest provider of ground medical transportation.

Healthcare First

AMR Air Ambulance can ensure that our customers receive clinical excellence and fiscal responsibility.

We are CAMTS accredited and our commitment to quality care and safety is unsurpassed in the industry. Our multi-lingual communication center is available 24/7 for patient consultation or to obtain transport quotes.

Our dedication to quality and integrity reflects throughout our organization. The partnership that we build with our clients is distinctive in the industry, as is the level of service we provide. Our purpose is clearly stated by our company’s values: Patient Focused, Customer Centered, and Caregiver Inspired. These three phrases are at the heart of every call in every community—each and every day. From Miami to Seattle and hundreds of communities between, AMR Air Ambulance is ready to care for people and communities in need.

We are a unique air ambulance provider because we have the experience and benefit of a strong ground transportation base. With the help of our parent company, AMR, we are able to marry the reach and rapid response of fixed wing air medical transportation with a stable and reliable ground component. Both are required to truly connect your patients to the care they deserve and to connect your team to the resources they need to do their best work.

We are nationally contracted as In-Network provider with the major insurance carriers as well as many smaller regional health care providers.

All billing for services is completed in-house and billing specialist are always available to answer your questions. There are NO hidden fees, ever!

We have served our customers accident free for 14 years.

Contact us via telephone, use our online Contact Us form, or e-mail us for a fast response.


International collect calls accepted

800.424.7060 U.S. and Canada toll-free

Air Ambulance Specialists Inc., d/b/a AMR Air Ambulance is an indirect air carrier which arranges and coordinates air ambulance services. All flights are operated by direct air carriers holding certificates issued under 14 C.F.R. Part 121 or 135.