Medical Equipment on the AMR Air Ambulances


Private medical jets are configured to serve as mini intensive care units and are capable of providing Critical Care, Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) services. AMR Air Ambulance provides the appropriate medical staff based on the specific needs of each patient. Medical staff may include a registered nurse, respiratory therapist, paramedic and/or physician.

Diagram of an Air Ambulance

Primary Medical Equipment and Supplies on our Air Ambulance

  • Cardiac Monitor with Defibrillator and External Pacemaker
  • Invasive line monitoring equipment
  • Pulse oximetry and CO2 Capnography
  • Adult and pediatric advanced airway equipment
  • LTV 1200 ventilator with BiPAP capability
  • Long distance 2000 psi oxygen tanks
  • IVAC 3 channel infusion pumps
  • ALS and PALS medication and supplies
  • Chest decompression kits
  • Electrical inverter
  • Suction units

Aortic balloon pumps and infant isolettes are available upon special request.