How to Schedule Air Ambulance Service


1. Call AMR Air Ambulance collect at 720.875.9182 or toll-free (U.S.) at 800.424.7060

Please have the following information ready when you call:

  • Basic medical information about the patient, including the patient’s name and date of birth or age. Our medical professionals will get a full medical report from the attending facility prior to transport.
  • The current location of the patient, the name of the hospital or facility caring for the patient and its address (city, state and/or country).
  • The location where the patient is to be transported, including the name of the destination hospital/facility and address.
  • An approximate transport date or time frame.

2. An AMR Air Ambulance flight coordinator will work with the air carrier who will operate the flight to calculate an air ambulance price quote for you. The price quote is all inclusive. The flight coordinator will be happy to answer any questions you may have when they contact you with the price quote.

A Step by Step Guide of an AMR Air Ambulance Private Transport:

  1. Our professional medical crew will obtain a full medical report for the patient.
  2. Payment arrangements will be finalized.
  3. If space allows, one or two family members or companions may accompany the patient at no additional charge. Note: Due to space limitations, only two carry-on sized pieces of luggage (total) may be accommodated on the air ambulance. Additional luggage must be shipped separately.
  4. AMR Air Ambulance will schedule ground transportation to pick up the patient and crew at the sending facility and to transport the patient to the final destination at the completion of the flight. We can also arrange ground transportation for a companion or family member.
  5. An aircraft will be dispatched by the air carrier operating the flight.
  6. A patient arrives at the aircraft and is secured on an FAA-approved stretcher.
  7. Flight begins. If fuel stops are necessary, we will provide flight updates at each stop. A final estimated time of arrival will be provided following the final fuel stop.
  8. When the flight arrives, ground transportation will be waiting to transport the patient to the receiving facility.
  9. All involved parties are notified when the patient arrives.

Accompanying Your Family Member

Passenger Information

If at all possible on private air ambulance trips, one to two family members or significant others may accompany the patient at no additional cost. The patient's medical requirements, such as the patient's condition or the need for additional medical staff or equipment, are always the first priority. All air medical services and medical flights are customized for each patient transport.

Patient Transfer Guidelines

Luggage Specifications

Space on an air ambulance aircraft is very limited due to a large amount of medical equipment carried on board. Luggage is limited to two small carry-on sized bags (total). All other luggage must be shipped prior to transport. AMR Air Ambulance will be happy to assist passengers in arranging the shipment of excess baggage. All costs associated with excess baggage shipment are the responsibility of the patient or client.

AMR Air Ambulance Luggage Policy

Required Documentation

All persons traveling on an international air ambulance flight must provide the following information prior to departure:

  • Full Name
  • Relation to patient
  • Passport number and expiration date
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Visa information, if required