Fixed Wing Air Ambulances


AMR Air Ambulance arranges transports on a variety of aircraft based on the specific needs of each patient. The Part 135 air carriers we contract with operating special medically-equipped Learjet® aircraft for many of the flights we arrange. Cost-effective propeller-engine aircraft, such as Beechcraft KingAir® airplanes, are sometimes used for shorter flights. Gulfstream® and Challenger® aircraft are also available upon request. All aircraft are fully equipped with medical stretchers and equipment that rival most hospital ICU's.

All of our medical aircraft are pressurized and climate-controlled and, depending on the configuration of the medical equipment and stretcher, can accommodate one patient, two critical care medical personnel (typically a registered nurse and a registered respiratory therapist) plus one family member. This configuration may be limited depending on the medical equipment required to meet the needs of the patient during the transport. Despite this variable, the patient will always be accompanied by at least two members of our critical care team.

Aircraft quick facts:

  • All our aircraft are flown by two-pilot crews.
  • A minimum of two critically trained medical personnel accompany all patients on every transport.
  • The number of family members (typically one) that may travel with the patient is determined by the medical equipment needed on board to meet the patient’s care needs during the transport.
  • An accommodation for only one piece of carry-on luggage per passenger is permitted due to the limitations in the baggage area at the rear of the aircraft. Arrangements will be made to ship other luggage to the final destination if it is not possible to travel with the patient.
  • Catered meals are offered on all longer-distance flights for patients and passengers. We can accommodate any dietary restrictions. Beverages and snacks are always provided.


Our Lear 35 and Lear 36 aircraft are perfectly suited for medical transports. These jets are able to seat up to four people when medically configured with a stretcher, and are able to fly non-stop for up to four hours (approx. 2,000 statute miles). This range allows for both cross-country and international flights. Most of our aircraft are equipped with a large cargo door that allows for ease of patient transfer into and out of the aircraft.

  • Cabin height: 4'4"
  • Length: 12'9"
  • Width: 4'9"
  • Baggage space: 30 cubic feet
  • Max altitude: 51,000 feet
  • Max speed: 530 mph
Beechcraft KingAir

Beechcraft KingAir

The King Air B200 is used to support patients/clients in the Western USA. This aircraft is capable of transporting two stretcher patients in full ICU settings. Additionally, the King Air is used for short runways where jet aircraft are not able to land. Example would be Steamboat Springs, CO.



The Challenger 601 is the ultimate VIP Full ICU capable aircraft. Luxury medical care that spans the entire globe. No distance is too far to support the needs of the clients.



The Gulfstream GIII has a large cargo door that allows for the easy loading of larger patients. This aircraft also encompasses a VIP setting and one full ICU. This aircraft is used for larger distance flights where there might be multiple passengers.



AMR Air Ambulance will do everything possible to utilize our contracted/dedicated aircraft vendors which operate under their own FAA 135 certificates. AMR Air Ambulance provides full time air medical crews, medical equipment and EMS Policies & Procedures. AMR Air Ambulance is CAMTS accredited, however may add new or temporary aircraft that have not yet completed the CAMTS accreditation process.

Transportation delays such as weather, travel conditions, health or safety factors or unforeseen maintenance issues may cause AMR Air Ambulance, or the Part 135 air carrier operating the flight, to subcontract/outsource the medical services or flight to another approved provider. Call us for more information any time 24/7 at 800.424.7060. AMR Air Ambulance and the Part 135 air carriers with which it contracts, run a quality driven operation with an excellent safety record.

*Available upon request. The Gulfstream & Challenger aircraft are not dedicated to the AMR Air Ambulance's operation nor are they part of our accredited program. These aircraft will be equipped with AMR Air Ambulance's full time medical staff and equipment when utilized.