A Before and After Medical Checklist for Traveling Abroad

Posted on Thu, Apr 13, 2017

Every human being has a need for traveling. Exploring new cities and countries allows us to learn and develop, no matter what stage of our lives we are in. However, many individuals who are living with medical conditions feel that they are not capable of this necessary exploration. Yet, this myth is not at all true. We are all able to travel, despite medical conditions.

We have put together a medical checklist to make travel possible for those who are living with medical conditions.

Before Your Travels

Review Your Health Insurance Coverage

Before arranging your travel plans make sure your insurance coverage will meet the actual cost of your trip. Especially when traveling abroad, expenses can quickly add up and require payment up front. If your current coverage won’t be enough to take care of your trip consider looking into a short-term plan or supplemental plan to cover your medical expenses.

Gather Contact Information

Make sure you collect all of the necessary contact information for your trip. This should include the contact information of your primary physician, your insurance supplier, and any emergency contacts that you may need to call.

Plan Your Transportation

Medical_Checklist_508-(4).jpgYou should also arrange your transportation before you go. Research the area you are traveling to, in order to find the best way to get around. Many who travel with medical conditions should consider air ambulance service options.

Put Together an Itinerary

Much like any person traveling, you should have an itinerary put together before you go. List all of the places you plan on exploring, with dates and contact numbers included. You should provide a copy of this itinerary to a friend or loved one, so they will have an idea of where you are in case of a medical emergency.

Gather a Medical Kit

Medical_Checklist_410-(3).jpgBefore you leave, it is important to put together a medical kit. This will allow you to keep your prescriptions in order. It is suggested to bring enough to cover the days you will be gone, plus a few extras (in case there is any need for an extension of your vacation). Furthermore, this kit should include a standard first aid kit, in case of a minor emergency.

Update Your Vaccines

Speak with your physicians to find any necessary vaccinations that you may need to stay well during your travels. This generally only applies to international travel, but it is still a recommended step for any travelers.

After Your Travels

Schedule a Checkup

After returning from a vacation, you should schedule a checkup with your physician, even if you feel completely fine. Doing this will ensure that you did not contract any diseases that have been identified in the country or area you were visiting. As this is important for any traveler, it is especially important.

Announce Your Return

Once you have returned from your travels, you should let your friends and loved ones know you have returned safely.


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