Air Ambulance Services


Whether you or a loved one requires medical transportation immediately or in the future, a single call to AMR Air Ambulance will take care of all your needs.

We provide seamless bed-to-bed medical transportation and can link ground and air ambulance services, ensuring continuity of care. Our medical coordinator will consult with the patient’s physician to determine “fit-to-fly” status, the departing and receiving facility to reserve a bed and the patient's insurance or healthcare provider to confirm coverage and obtain prior transport authorization.

Our support team is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide a safe and professional environment for patient transfer, as well as online medical control. At AMR Air Ambulance we strive for clinical excellence. Highly trained and certified nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists and physicians are available 24 hours a day to safely transport and meet the needs of every patient population.

AMR Air Ambulance medical teams can handle cases ranging in complexity from the most basic to those requiring advanced critical care. Our capabilities include – but are not limited to – comprehensive respiratory support, invasive monitoring and treatment, intra-aortic balloon pump and the transport of left-ventricular assist device (LVAD) patients.

Common reasons for an air ambulance transport

  • Strokes
  • Trauma accidents
  • Cardiac cases/problems
  • Intubated/respiratory problems
  • Orthopedic cases
  • Acute travel illnesses

Levels of medical care we provide

AMR Air Ambulance aircraft and flight crews are equipped and trained to handle all types of transports. Depending on the specific needs of each patient, AMR Air Ambulance provides experienced flight medical crews for the following:

  • Critical Care. Critical Care is the highest level of care, typically necessary for patients who are severely ill or injured. To provide the best care, the medical flight crew on a Critical Care air medical transport may include a physician or other specialty staff. Patients requiring a Critical Care air ambulance transport must utilize the Private Air Ambulance service.
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS). Patients requiring ALS transport care are typically suffering from trauma, burns, cardiac failure or a variety of other conditions. Patients on ALS transports may require the equipment and medical flight care to handle BLS functions as well as cardiac defibrillation, ability to control and monitor dysrhythmia, administer medications and establish and maintain respiratory airways.
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) is the simplest of air ambulance transports. BLS patients need minimal external life support and are in need of monitoring or potential medical care during the air ambulance transport.

AMR Air Ambulance assists with all types of medical transports, including: ventilator dependent, TBI, SCI, orthopedic, transplant, rehabilitation, burn, cardiac, trauma, and pediatric. Available on special request, neonatal isolette and geriatric transports.
The level of care needed and the patient's location and destination will determine the type of service required. AMR Air Ambulance provides multiple types of services to accommodate most patients. See our list of services below for more details about which service fits your needs.

Types of Services Provided by AMR Air Ambulance: