International Commercial Stretcher Service


AMR Air Ambulance can transport patients on commercial airlines using international commercial stretcher services. This option allows patients to receive expert medical care in a more cost effective manner. This service requires more time to arrange so you wouldn’t use this if you were in a rush or had life-threatening conditions. This service is only offered on such international carriers as Lufthansa PTC and Cathay Pacific. AMR Air Ambulance also has a direct line with commercial air carriers to request this service. All medical care is still provided by AMR Air Ambulance staff.

How AMR Air Commercial Stretcher Transport Works

In a typical commercial stretcher transport, AMR Air Ambulance will block rows of seats on the commercial airliner to allow room for an FAA approved stretcher; we then surround the area with a curtain for patient privacy. All necessary medical staff and equipment for the flight are arranged by AMR Air Ambulance.

When to Use AMR Air Commercial Stretcher Services

This service would be utilized if someone were in stable condition but was unable sit in a regular airline seat. We would provide escorts to administer pain medication if necessary but if you require more in-depth medical attention this would not be the right option for you.

Please note: International Commercial Stretcher service is not available for emergency medical evacuations. Please see our North American or International services if you are in need of emergency medical evacuation services.