International Air Ambulance Services


When you are traveling around the world, the last thing you want to happen is a medical emergency. Depending on where you are, modern medical care may be hard to come by. This is where AMR Air Ambulance can help. We offer solutions to help get you home or to a medical facility better equipped to care for you. Find help for everything from minor accidents to intensive medical trauma.

AMR Air Ambulance provides air ambulance services for countries all across the world, the only exception being countries enduring military conflict within their borders. AMR Air Ambulance assures safe travel for anyone facing medical emergencies by fixed-wing aircraft, the same means of transportation for our domestic flight services. On-board intensive care units and equipment are provided as well. Additionally, AMR Air Ambulance provides VIP services with our new ICU-equipped Challenger Aircraft. VIP services aboard the Challenger Aircraft may include up to 4 family members, and the craft itself is capable of flying from the Middle East to the USA in one stop.

When to Use an International Air Ambulance

Accidents and medical issues can occur at any time. This can be especially true while traveling. Some of the most common reasons to request an international air ambulance are strokes, trauma accidents, cardiac problems, respiratory problems, orthopedic cases, and acute travel illnesses. Depending on where you are traveling and the level of medical care offered, you may want to request a transfer to a medical facility more equipped to handle your medical needs. 

All Across the World

AMR Air Ambulance is listed as a medevac service on many U.S. embassy and consulate websites across the world. The list below includes several of the countries we serve. To see our full list visit our Locations page. 

Embassy Sites: