AMR Air Medical Escort Services


An Air Medical Escort Service is a non-emergency medical service provided by AMR Air Ambulance. The patient flies with first class accommodations on a commercial airline and is escorted by a critical care flight nurse or flight physician. Medical escort crews are supplied with equipment that enables them to provide medical treatment to non-emergency patients such as basic medication, monitoring units and CPR equipment.

How AMR Air Medical Escort Services Work

AMR Air Ambulance will arrange all details of the transport including the purchase of first class tickets and ground transportation on both ends of the flight. Our Medical director will verify "fit-to-fly" status with the patient's physician prior to arranging the flight. We will also obtain any special documents for international travel such as visas and arrange customs clearance.

When to Use Commercial Medical Escort Services

There is some cost savings by using a commercial airline instead of a private medical jet, but the patient must qualify with Basic Life Support (BLS) needs. This means that the patient should be able to sit for an extended period of time, especially during takeoffs and landings and should require limited oxygen use. This service does require some advanced planning so you wouldn't use a commercial medical escort if you were in a rush or had a life threatening condition. If the patient is unable to sit in for extended periods of time and and is flying outside the U.S., Canada or Mexico, see our Commercial Stretcher Services. If flying within North America, see our North America Services.